What is a gap year?

A gap year or sabbatical is a year where students leave school and studies for 1 year to travel the world or do something different.

There are a lot of gap year programs out there, some are crappy, others are really good. You can for example go learn Spanish in Buenos Aires.

There’s the ethical gap year programs where students can do volunteer work and learn more about what’s going on in other 3rd world countries for example.

There’s all sorts of gap year counseling and advise, to assist interested applicants and send them into the right direction. Although its not always the case!

These are the top sites that can help anyone making a wise decision.


This website helps you discover parts of the world you never imagined even existed.

You can go to Australia, India, New Zeland, France and China

The gap force travel and adventure 2 weeks program in Australia is awesome, that is for sure.

Another great website where you can check out is:


This website is more focused towards volunteering in south Africa. And it had media coverage in CNN, CNBC and other big news stations. They send some 10,000 volunteers every year, which is not a small number at all.

To get started you need to contact one of their staff members and they will guide you from there

The Debate Rages On!! To Take a Gap Year, or Not to Take a Gap Year

The world is a place to discover and to discover it you need to drop your mouse, and your iphones and move out of the house. That is the only way you can experience the true beauty of friendship and relationships, memories that will last a lifetime. Find someone to talk to, meet people, there’s a billion people to choose from and meet someone new. You will meet people that inspire you, motivate you and encourage you.

You meet people who are so lovely and you get to have so many conversations with strangers. Try to hold on to people that are great and lovely. Be open and honest, and say more yes than no. Because you will regret the no’s more than the yeses that you make and say. Take a leap of faith, take risks, I mean nothing that can harm you, but make a effort to be out there.

Remember what makes you happy and be compassionate. It does not cost you anything extra to say hello and thank you. Maybe to someone you love and care about. At the end of the day it will make someone else life brighter. Or you buy something for someone else. You will feel great about you.

Stand up for yourself, no one else will. If you see someone being discriminated, speak out and act. Stand up for other people. If you travel you need other people as much as they need you. Have fun and enjoy life responsibly.

There’s a ton of gap year resources all over the internet. Just google it.

Have a great day!