Investing and Moving to Malta

Tips about Investing and Moving to Malta

Here’s the story. All Europe know that Malta’s economy is booming and there are a lot of reasons behind this economic boom. Even gap year students love Malta and some end up staying and studying or working in Malta.  Here’s the top five reasons and why you should start investing in Malta, yesterday.

  1. Safe – Malta’s crime is very very low and that makes it attractive for young families or old expats to come and retire here. When we say safe, we mean, there no terrorist attacks, no crazy shooting like the ones all over europe, clean water and very few traffic accidents even though there’s been a massive increase in cars the fast 5 years or so.
  2. Affordable real estate – Well, property prices have definitely went up the past few years. It is all about demand and supply. There’s huge demand and immigration (30,000+ people came to work here in Malta and stayed) And they all need accommodation right? It happens in all major cities like London, New York, Tokyo etc etc. BUT having said this, the prices are fairly reasonable considering that land is very limited in Malta and Gozo. So investing in your own property instead of paying rent which is not so cheap anymore, will get you a nice return on investment. In Malta, a good quality property will set you back about €180,000 to €250,000 depending on location, size and finishing.
  3. Jobs – Without jobs, and well paid jobs, the economy cannot thrive. And here’s where the motor of the economy comes in. Malta’s policies and political persons have been smart enough to attract foreign investments to the island by improving infrastructure and lowering tax rates for the gaming companies and financial institutions. Now all these companies want to open offices in Malta. You might argue that there are other countries with the same tax benefits and good standard of living BUT the thing is that Malta’s climate is great and there is sea, sun, fun and history factor. The culture is deep and there’s no place else where you can feel part of a community
  4. Investment services provider in Malta – In every economic eco system, where there’s a lot of jobs and prosperity people will have money to invest and it is of utmost importance that there’s reliable, professional financial investment firms that can provide the right product and advice to people. Families need to plan ahead and start saving some money perhaps for their children’s school fees or to buy a car, or a second home. Banks do not give you a good return on your money these days so people rely on these so called financial institutions to help them make a nice return on their hard earned income/savings.
  5. cost of living – If we speak about New York or Tokyo for example, the life there for me is not sustainable. Because when you have a good chunk of your salary going to rent and utility bills, rates etc, what kind of life is that. Families end up struggling financially which should not be. So good standard of living means having enough to feed to family, travel at least once a year, own your own home and go out to dinner at least once a week, purchase decent clothes, pay bills and save at least 15% of your salary.

You can earn all the money in the world but if you do not save at least 10%-20% of your monthly income, you will struggle when you retire. The quality of living will definitely deteriorate because during your employment life, you would be earning more. It is ture that you need less money when you retire, but not necessarily if you want to keep living the normal life you used to live during your employment life

Go find a good investment services company and start investing today.