Gap Year Travel in Malta

Holiday or Gap Year Travel to Europe?

Maybe you and your partner have taken that next step in your relationship and have decided to make a lifetime commitment. Or perhaps you are going for your gap year to the mediterranean islands like Malta, Greece and Cyprus.

Possibly, you have decided it is time to enlarge your family. Or maybe, you’ve decided that the timing of life is allowing you to take care of your parents. But the problem is that you do not have the cash to put down on a house. So what do you do? Well there are a lot of options for renting villas in Malta!

Whatever the rationality, you’ve outgrown your place and want to trade up in size, location, and comforts. Now is the best time for you to start the action and look for a new rental residence. The work is going to be a lot. You really need to examine your budget, your wish lists, what your current situation is, and what your life could look like in the next five years. Though your needs have distinctly altered, that does not mean that you are in the correct place to meet those new needs. Malta has a lot of villas to choose from so the market is huge!


Doing online research for Malta accommodation have some great villas for rent in Malta. I suggest you check them out. Their prices are very reasonable and if you are more than 5 people it is more than worth it to devide the expenses between all of you. The details you need to discover will be minimal if you have decided that you actually wish to stay in your area or neighbourhood. If you desire to go to a better area or a new part of the city, you should begin by exploring the distinctive kinds of neighbourhoods that are in your budget range. Do not go into such a major life changing decision without getting the proper information you want and require. You don’t want to be surprised about the quality of the neighbourhood, the convenience and proximity of amenities that you value.

When researching neighbourhoods, it may be advantageous to ask yourself these questions:

What’s your every commute? Do you have to face heavy traffic when you leave? Are the schools in the area up to the standard that you and your family have set for your children? How safe is the locale? You can find local crime statistics at your local police station or chamber of commerce. Are stores and libraries within walking distance?

You probably have a dream scenario in mind, but you should also put together your bottom line requirements. Write down everything and create a few versions of your home. In other words, create a dream home list, a great home list and a must have home list. Do not forget to get input from your friends and family. This list will help you to have a real vision of the kind of home you wish for your family.

The type of dwelling you want can change everything. Be sure to think about these questions:

Is family life a part of your present-day dynamic or are you hoping to have one soon? Are you in a career that requires mobility? In other words, if you get a promotion, are you headed to a new city? Do you have time to keep a home and yard? Would you prefer little or no commute? What are the real space requirements for you and your family?

If you are living in a condo, you will have to consider the bylaws and rules that govern condo life. If you are in a townhouse, you do need to consider the adjoining homes and how sound may play a component in your living situation.

Gozo is another tranquil island we suggest you can check out. There’s so much history and the presitne beaches, great night life and laid back people and life will make you want to go back for a holiday. There’s not many jobs on the island (update 2019!) Yes there’s a ton of jobs in malta, and the wages are on the rise also. There’s jobs in Igamin, Crypto, Tourism industry, Information Technology jobs, finance, and construction. Those are booming right now.  but its awesome for holiday makers and gap travellers alike. Students can find a job in the tourism industry because the island’s touristic industry is very much alive. For accomodation we suggest you visit Abraham Gozo Farmhouses. The prices are cheaper than villas in Malta. Actually everything is cheaper in Gozo from accomodation to restaurant food.

Do not take shortcuts or jump into this big life change with preparing yourself and doing the necessary research. At the end of the day, the villa you choose will play a huge part in your life. So choose wisely, make sure to jot down all your needs and act accordingly! Malta has a lot to offer, so go ahead and explore the market and find that perfect villa for yourself and your family.s