Do I Need an Insurance Management System?

Online insurance management systems have been developed for insurance providers. Compared to a traditional insurance management system, modern systems allow the tracking of client’s insurance policies, details, and company details.

Essentially, an insurance management system is a total solution for insurance organizations. It is similar to an agency management system (AMS), an insurance management system will allow you to do just that . . . manage insurance for clients. Whether it is vehicle insurance, equipment, home, or life insurance, everything regarding their insurance profile will be located in this system.

Rather than using paper and pen as it was done for many years, the modern insurance management system allows all information to be stored digitally. Having an insurance management system is a must for any insurance provider, but why do you need one?

Easy Access of Information

If you are going to properly serve your customers, then you will need to have easy access to all information regarding that client. Immediately when you log in to your insurance management system, you can manage the details of each client. Insurance management systems allow you to file away everything digitally, leave no room for error, and allow you to better serve your client’s needs.


Productivity is at the core of every business. Whenever you have access to quick information your productivity will be higher. Rather than search around for information, you will be able to service clients quicker and faster. Not only will you improve the quality of work from your staff, but you will increase the productivity of your agency as a whole.


Insurance management systems allow you to integrate your email into it as well. This means you will be able to send updates to clients based on their insurance plans. Whether that is a legal update, or a notice that they need to extend their coverage, you can do it all from one place.

Work from Anywhere

It is a busy world. Many employees might have families or other important responsibilities. By having an online insurance management system in place, you and your staff can work from anywhere. This, once again, allows for better productivity due to the fact that you will not need to physically be in the office to work.

Is It Similar to CRM?

Insurance management systems can be somewhat compared to CRM (customer relationship management) as well as an AMS. The major difference between a CRM and insurance management system is that they are more specific for insurance needs, and focused on productivity.

You Need an Insurance Management System If . . .

  • Your staff receives large amounts of emails throughout the day
  • You want to be able to access your files from anywhere: Insurance management systems are typically cloud-based.
  • You are a contact-based organization: An insurance management system will help you to organize all of your information in a clean and simple way.
  • Your office tends to get off track: This solution will help you to integrate every aspect of your office into one digital platform.
  • You are looking for a new commission processing method: Commissions are easy when used in a good system. Have commissions processed automatically and avoid mistakes.
  • You are looking to have your daily tasks automated: In order to work smarter, you can automate all of your daily processes with an insurance management system. This will aid in productivity as well.
  • You are interested in analytics for your business: By using dashboard analytics you can understand what your company is doing well, and what aspects need to be worked on.
  • You are interested in a visual trend report: Using trends can help you to assess your insurance company properly, and help clients more.
    You need to do more email marketing: Insurance management systems help to keep in better contact with clients, leads, and prospects right inside the platform.

Better Communication and Data Management

If you are an insurance agency then you know that communication and data management are at the core of your business. Agency Automation Team, Inc. provides Insurance Management System needs that will provide you with resources to do better. Contact us today if you are interested in pushing your insurance business into the future.